Welcome Ventriloquists

This is the first post – it may or may not be temporary.

First of all, our name is taken from an episode of The Goodies. 

We know (now) that the name is a misquote, but it stuck and so there you go.

The DVs are a group of working and-or aspiring writers, principally genre writers, but also film writers and writers in general, based in or around (or from, or sometimes from) the city of Adelaide, South Australia.

It was started by me, Alex James, (not this Alex James) in or around May 2003 because I knew a lot of other writers in this city who didn’t know each other, and thought they should.

I started a Yahoo group, which at the time was the done thing, encouraged them to all sign up and start talking, and slowly we grew.

The idea of this blog is for us all to ‘go public’ with our various projects, thoughts, ideas, rants and stuff.

That will do for now.

I have to go read another tutorial.

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