This Blog just got real ’cause the Mo Fo is in the house!

In keeping with the hyperbolic nature of the headline, I’d like to introduce to the DV blog readers the ass-kickingly kick-ass project I’m developing with fellow DVer, David G. Williams, the FREE online Cinegraphic Novel sensation… The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo.

You can find it at And if you’re asking, “What the hell is it about?”… well, here’s a little something I prepared earlier…

“It’s an ass-kickingly kick-ass post-apocalyptic, space-western dramedy, with anime influences and a bit of that dark and sexy HBO stuff… so yeah, it’s for a more mature audience… well, not for ‘kids’ anyway… not really sure about the ‘mature’ part. It follows the miss-adventures of Bran Mak Foo and Honey Pott, a young just-married couple scrounging a living in their ‘apparently’ dilapidated Ironclad-class deep-space freighter, the Qupid, on the Edge of Endspace; a vast region of space where no semblance of civilization has reemerged after a galactic apocalypse… or three. The Edge is a place where heroes are few, villains are plentiful, and the rest are just trying to survive.”

As for how it works —

“In short, it’s a full-color, super-awesome quality comic, written and illustrated specifically for the digital storytelling medium, and presented panel by panel in a cinematic widescreen format, with weekly updates released FREE, online. The free version is only available at a paltry 1024 x 576. But, if you really, really, really like TLOSLMF, then we’re hoping you’ll SUBSCRIBE and be shocked and awed by the full 1920 x 1080 Mo Fo experience! Completed episodes will also be released as Ebooks and Apps, with all sorts of undoubtedly cool behind the scenes bonuses included… and for the printed page junkies, there’s also going to be a printed abridged comic-format edition. And, if you’re wondering how much Mo Fo awesomeness will be in each episode, well, in print, an episode would equate to one 48-52 page comic.

Now get ready to have your eyeballs rocked by a few Mo Fo teasers…

Like what you see, well we’ve also got a facebook page – , and a blog with all the latest Mo Fo developments

Cheers all,



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